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Network Services


Network Consulting

KWO will provide the knowledgeable staff to help your company meet demands. Our network engineers can design and implement enterprise-wide LAN and WAN solutions.

We can service, provide and install the following:

Cisco 2000 Series WLCNEW
Cisco 4000 Series WLCNEW
Cisco Wireless RoutersNEW
Cisco Wireless Ethernet (Aironet)
Cisco SOHO Routers
Cisco 800 Series
Cisco 805 Serial Router
Cisco 806 Broadband Access Router
Cisco 831 Four Port Broadband Access Router

Cisco 1605R Router (two ethernet ports)

Cisco 1600 Series

Cisco 1700 Series Cisco

 1710 Security Access Router Cisco

 1720 Access Router Cisco

 1721 Modular Access Router Cisco

 1751 Modular Access Router Cisco

 1760 Modular Access Router

 Cisco1800 Series

 Cisco 2500 Series

 Cisco 2600 Series

Cisco 2600XM Series

 Cisco 2611 Router (two ethernet ports)

 Cisco 2621 Router

 Cisco 2650 & 2651 Routers

 Cisco 2800 Series

 Cisco 3200 Series Wireless and Mobile Routers

 Cisco 3600 Series

Cisco AS3640 Access Server
Cisco 3700 Series
Cisco Catalyst 3750
Cisco 3750 Bundles
Cisco 3800 Series

Cisco MC3810 Multiservice Concentrator

 Cisco 4000 Series

 Cisco AS5300 Series

 Cisco 7100 Series

 Cisco 7200 Series

 Cisco Office Stack Catalyst

 2900 Series XL Switches Catalyst

 2950 Series Switches Catalyst

 2948 Switch Catalyst

 2980G Switch Catalyst

 3500 Series XL Switches

 Catalyst 3548 Switch

Catalyst 3550 Series Intelligent Ethernet Switches

 Catalyst 4000 Series

 Catalyst 4500 Series

 Catalyst 4840G Load Balancing Switch

 Catalyst 4912G Gigabit Ethernet Switch

 Catalyst 5000 Family

 Catalyst 6000 Family

 Cisco PIX Firewall

 Cisco PIX 501 Firewall

 Cisco Secure PIX Firewall

 506E Cisco Secure PIX Firewall

 515E Cisco Virtual Private Networks (3000 Concentrator

Cisco VPN Router Bundles
Cisco IP/VC Multipoint Control Unit
Cisco IP/TV streaming video solution


For information please contact us at: info@kwoinc.com

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