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HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. It refers to lighting technology that relies on an electrical charge to ignite xenon gas contained in a sealed bulb. One great advantage of HID Lighting is that unlike a Halogen bulb which has filament which can burn out in as little as 250 hours, HID bulbs are gas filled capsules that are rated for a life of 2000-4000 hours. Another is the fact that they use only 35 watts of electricity. They shine brighter with less power.





GT HID ballasts are not only the most reliable and resilient of all the ballasts in the market, but also have a lower wattage requirement than others. If you purchase a kit with a separate igniter, it does not have the strength or durability of a GT HID. Others are prone to burn outs, surges, and just dying out of nowhere.
Our Ballasts are backed by a warranty for one full year after purchase.





HID lights get their name from the intense white light produced by an electrical discharge. HID lamps are also called xenon lamps referring to a gas inside the lamps. HID Lights are currently used in most sports arenas, stadiums and trains around the world.
Don't be fooled by the Xenon Bulbs that sell for $10 at any retail shop. They produce a very scattered and artificial light that is less bright than normal halogens. They is no match for the intensity, purity, and efficiency of High Intensity Discharge Headlights.




Installation is a very simple process. It is literally plug and play. Many first timers can usually figure it out, but we do recommend professional installation.

All cars have different bulb sizes. Our kits are designed to fit your original stock headlamp sockets and no modifications will be required. HIDs are so bright, most people find that they do not even miss their high beams. Only H4s are made in Dual filament hi/low beams.








Fitment for your vehicle can be found here:

OSRAM SYLVANIA - Replacement Guide



Prices start at $150 and up for standard bulb fitment.

Prices for Dual-Xenon Kits start at $199.00



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